The BHA Office of Workforce Development and Technology Transfer (OWDTT) sponsor’s courses, workshops, conferences, customized trainings, and technical assistance to community based organizations, behavioral health providers, and public health agencies throughout the state. Best practices are utilized in developing a wide array of basic through advanced trainings and are customized to fit the needs of the public behavioral health workforce audience. OWDTT partners with numerous organizations such as the University of Maryland’s Evidence-Based Practice Center and the University of Maryland’s Training Center on the development and execution of evidence-based trainings to assist with continuing education efforts, including the awarding of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).Working with various higher education providers throughout Maryland, the OWDTT assists advisory boards responsible for behavioral health curriculum development and in promoting professional development opportunities.

The OWDTT collaborates with stakeholders, federal and state agencies, including but not limited to SAMHSA, On Our Own of Maryland, Department of Veterans Affairs, Maryland Coalition of Families and the Mental Health Association of Maryland. These collaborations lead to multiple opportunities to disseminate and promote core competencies for our professional workforces, including behavioral health clinicians, primary care providers, social workers, drug and alcohol counselors, prevention specialists, and peer recovery support providers. The OWDTT partners with the licensing boards to ensure that continuing education opportunities are ample, accessible, and meet the various criteria required for each level of certification and/or license. The OWDTT also provides guidance to the various boards to assist in the expansion of trained and skilled professionals in the behavioral health field.

For more information contact our staff at (410) 402 - 8575 or:

Michelle Darling, Director

Eunice Harvey, Program Administrator

Sherrie Noonan, Training Manager

Jasmine Crawford, Registrar/Training Manager

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