PDMP Data Requests

​​​​​​​Individuals legally authorized to request prescription monitoring data for active, bona fide, individual investigations must complete training prior to submitting any data requests.

The following types of investigators wishing to be trained should contact the PDMP Secretary Tryphena Barnes at ​tryphena.barnes@maryland.gov​ or 410-402-8688:
  • Local, state, or federal law enforcement officers / agents 
  • State health professions licensing / regulatory board investigators 
  • Investigators from the following Maryland Department of Health (MDH) agencies: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Health Care Quality, MDH Office of Controlled Substances Administration​, Maryland Medicaid
  • State and local fatality review teams authorized by MDH

Patients wishing to request their own PDMP data should fill out the Patient Self-Request Form​​. 

Healthcare providers wishing to request a report of prescriptions attributed to them as the CDS prescriber in the PDMP should follow the directions on the PDMP Forms page​.

Prescribers, pharmacists and delegates who wish to receive access to the PDMP should register for clinical user access through CRISP​