Accreditation Information


Accreditation for Behavioral Health Providers

Regulations Requiring Accreditation - CO​MAR 10.63.01-10.63.06 ​

COMAR 10.63.06 Effective Dates - Chart

Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Approved Accrediting Organizations​​

Introduction to Accreditation and Licensing Requirements under COMAR 10.63​

Decision Tree to Determine the Need for Licensing under COMAR 10.63

FAQ 3 updated 9.12.17​

One-time​ Only Accreditation Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #1 - July 27, 2017​​​​

Licensing Information

COMAR 10.63 Application Process Steps for Accreditation-Based Licenses, 8-16-16​ amended 2-17-17​

Licensin​g A​pplication​​ for 10.63​

Agreement to Cooperate​ ​- Located on BHA's Forms Webpage - DHMH #4781

Opioid Treatment Program Process for Application and Location, 10-25-16​

​Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention

COMAR 10.01.18

Sexual Abuse Awareness and Preven​tion Training​

Accreditation Body Crosswalk Reference Grids