Women’s Services Unit

​​​The Women’s Services Unit develops and coordinates BHA’s efforts to provide evidence-based services for substance-related disorders treatment and recovery for Women and their families. The Unit manages contracts for substance-related disorders residential treatment services for pregnant women and women with dependent children, as well as provides technical assistance and training to Local Health Departments and treatment providers. The Unit collaborates with federal, state and local agencies/organizations to provide comprehensive services for women.
The Unit oversees several legislatively mandated initiatives which include: Senate Bill 512 (1997) focuses on developing and managing appropriate services, including treatment for drug exposed newborns and ensuring that their mothers with substance-related disorders receive assessment and referral to treatment.
House Bill 7 (2000) is a demonstration project in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County in collaboration with Department of Human Resources/Social Services Administration which ensures that women and/or their family members who currently have an open Child Protective Services case receive assessment and referral to treatment when needed. 
 House Bill 1160 (2000) is the Substance Abuse Treatment Services (SATS) Initiative established as a result of the Welfare Innovation Act of 2000. It provides fund transfers from Department of Human Resources/Family Investment Administration (DHR/FIA) to DHMH/BHA to fund 61 Addiction Specialists in the local Departments of Social Services offices in every jurisdiction in the state and for one Coordinator of Programs position at BHA. This initiative is responsible for determining whether applicants and recipients of Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) and certain Food Stamp Program applicants and recipients need substance-related disorders referrals and treatment.

Suzette Tucker, Unit Director
Women Services
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