Office of Court Ordered Evaluations and Placements

The Office of Court Ordered Evaluations and Placements (OCEP) oversees services provided for individuals with mental disorders and developmental/intellectual disabilities who are court-involved.  OCEP includes three divisions:
To learn about the services provided by each division, click on its name in the list above.

In addition to the services provided by each division above, OCEP provides consultation, training/education and technical assistance services to partners within and outside of MDH regarding forensic mental health issues.  These partners include:
  • Facilities and providers housing or working  with individuals committed as incompetent to stand trial or not criminally responsible due to mental illness, intellectual disability or developmental disability;
  • Law Enforcement Agencies,
  • Corrections agencies,
  • Parole and probation agencies,
  • Judiciary,
  • Attorneys, and
  • Legislators

OCEP also collects data regarding the various services provided and operates a forensic database [currently under construction] to enable the Office to track cases as they proceed through the forensic mental health system.

Finally, OCEP oversees the procoess by which people who have had firearm restrictions imposed due to mental illness-related issues may seek to have their rights to possess firearms restored.​​  Please visit this website ( to find instructions and forms.  ​

(410) 402-8701​