Clinical Services

The Clinical Services Division of the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) ensures that an effective comprehensive system of behavioral health services and supports are available and accessible to emerging adults and adults throughout the lifespan in response to the needs of individuals with mental health conditions, substance-related disorders, and the co-occurring of the conditions and disorders.  The Division evaluates the network of services that the BHA funds; and has the responsibility for statewide planning, development, administration and monitoring the comprehensive system of behavior health services of the BHA.  The mission of the Division is implemented through the offices of Adult and Specialized Behavioral Health Services, and Quality Assurance; and the State Opioid Treatment Authority.

Marian Bland,
Director of Clinical Services Division 
410 402 8300

Steven Reeder
Deputy Director of Clinical Services Division 
410 402 8476
Stefani O’Dea
Older Adults/Long Term Care

Kimberly Qualls
Systems Integration/Community Liaison
410 402 8661
Darren McGregor, 
Crisis Prevention, Criminal Justice
Treatment & Diversion
410 402 8467
Suzette Tucker, 
Gender Specific Services​
410 402 8648