About Us

The Maryland Department of Health's Behavioral Health Administration will develop an integrated process for planning, policy and services to ensure a coordinated quality system of care is available to individuals with behavioral health conditions. The BHA will, through publically-funded services and support, promote recovery, resiliency, health and wellness for individuals who have or are at risk for emotional, substance related, addictive, and/or psychiatric disorders

The Vision of our behavioral health system of care is drawn from fundamental core commitments:  Coordinated, quality systems of care that is supportive of individual rights and preferences.
  • Availability of a full range of services
  • Seamless linkages to services for the consumer delivered through a system of integrated care
  • Recognition that co-occurring conditions are common
  • Focus on treatment, behavioral health, support, recovery, and resilience
  • Services developed in collaboration with stakeholders in an environment that is culturally sensitive
  • Improved health, wellness, and quality of life for consumers across the life span