Welcome to the Overdose Fatality Review Program (OFR)

DHMH supports the establishment of local drug Overdose Fatality Review Teams (OFR). Teams conduct confidential reviews of resident drug and alcohol overdose deaths to identify opportunities to improve member agency and system-level operations in a way that will prevent future similar deaths. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) provides oversight, data, and guidance to local OFR. 

Overdose fatality review is established under Maryland Health General Article 5-901.  

Program Goals:

1.     Identify missed opportunities for prevention and gaps in system

2.     Build working relationships between  local stakeholders on overdose prevention and improve overall collaboration and communication within a jurisdiction 

3.     Recommend policies, programs, or changes to law that prevent overdose deaths and better serve people at risk for overdose

4.     ​Inform local and state overdose and opioid misuse prevention strategy​   

Local OFR Outcomes to Date:

·         Improvements to the quality of referral systems

·         Increased focus on outreach to families to provide overdose prevention & treatment services by local health departments and other providers  

·         Identification of new target audiences for Overdose Response Program (naloxone) trainings 

·         Increased awareness of member agency staff of overdose related issues and Overdose Response Program training for member agency staff 

·         ​Changes to intake questionnaires to include questions about overdose history 


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