ORP Guidance Documents

Standing Orders in the ORP​                                                                                                                     

A physician or advanced practice nurse with prescribing authority can establish standing orders for naloxone. For more information click here​​​.

Trainee Application to Entity for Certificate                                                                                            

All trainees who want to receive a certificate from ORP training must complete this application and submit it to the ORP. ORPs can choose to offer the application to trainees as part of registration, or can offer the application before distributing certificates after a training.

Trainee Application to Entity for Certificate​​​

Issuing an ORP Certificate

ORP Certificates are issued to trainees at the time of successful completion of ORP training.  For detailed guidelines on issuing an ORP certificate, click here​.    ​ 

BHA Naloxone Use Report                                                                                                                

ORPs that distribute naloxone should use this form for any returning trainees who are seeking naloxone refills. Completed forms should be returned to the Behavioral Health Administration by email (dhmh.naloxone@maryland.gov) or by fax (410-402-8601). 

BHA Naloxone ​Use Report 2-16​

Entity Reporting Guidance 

COMAR requires that authorized Overdose Response Program (ORP) training entities report certain data to the Department on a monthly basis.  For more information and guidance on how to report to BHA, please click on the link below to download the document​

Entity Reporting Guidance​​​

Entity Renewal Guidance Document                                                                                                    

OTP entity status is valid for two years. BHA renews on a regular schedule each January. This document explains the process for renewing your entity status.

Entity Renewal Guidance

Guidance for overdose education and naloxone distribution in different settings 

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Title: Opioid overdose prevention and related trauma: incorporating overdose prevention, response, and experience into substance use disorder treatment ​

By: Illinois Co-Occurring Center for Excellence, Heartland Health Outreach

This manual is for substance disorder treatment providers interested in incorporating overdose prevention into their practices to enhance client outcomes. It addresses the goals of overdose prevention programs and identifies opportunities to address overdose in treatment from a treatment provider perspective. 


Law Enforcement

Title: Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit​

By: Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center

This toolkit compiles all available resources related to law enforcement naloxone training and use.


Title: Naloxone, a practical guide for pharmacists

By: College of Psychiatric and Neuropathic Pharmacists

This comprehensive guide includes information pharmacists need to train patients and dispense naloxone with confidence.​